Tuesday, August 5, 2008


IM DONE, DONE DONEEEE with my finals!
*a big sighhh. phewwww

but dont ask me about how is my paper and all, i dont wish to think about my marks yet because natalie is having her 3 weeks holiday starting from now!
wtf wtf wtf. ;)

so dang happy wey *a big smile!

but now i need to rest, get enough sleep , cause im working tmr, need to do some catch up before i go to jakarta
i hope my teammates are friendly, so its easy for me to hang out with them.

im meeting them tmr, the feeling is excited yet abit scary
as i know im the youngest in the team! argh.

Naqib XXII says:
work hard and party hard. there's no partying like jakarta partying sayang! hehhehe

icantwait. xx

will update more tmr ok ;)

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