Sunday, August 24, 2008

*uploaded all the pics few days ago

nothing much to blog about jakarta
everything was good, felt comfortable with the team and they treat me really really good. club was good but only one thing which is I really dont know how to use/pay their money, taxi driver used to con me and i kena con for dont know how many times. haih

so if one day you guys got the chance to visit any part of indonesia
puh-lease becareful lah.
i feel guilty somehow, because its not my money

urm i think tats it, pictures do the talking ;)

after spending our whole day in the hall, what we do?
making sure all the measurement of the booth is correct, and etc
and you know the worker's there really work like a snail, worst than a snail. omg! we have to stand beside them, give them pressure only they will do it correctly.

the day ;)
am i working? lol
they want to do demo, what to do.

ta daaa!
make up done!

Anyway is a three day exhibition, everyday the exhibition end at 6pm. so after the show, we go club it was equinox ;)

sharon and I
cythia and I

CP( the boss), moi, melvin, michelle
selina and you know the rest

Day 2- Malaysia TeamIndonesia team

and again we go club after the show

caffe and I
us ;)

they serve popcorn in da clubs

and the last day of exhibition, after all the hardwork. pheww!
and again club after our dinner

the girls again
yeap thats it.
makes me wanna puke when i see liquor, but now back to normal already
heh heh

this year i travel alot, like travel without the parents you know
life getting better and better, dai ko lui loh (big girl already)

god, thanks for everything

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