Tuesday, August 19, 2008

im sick

helo everyone, i just got back yesterday night!
im sick -__-

its been so long since i last sick and taking medicine
*take me so long to eat those tiny little medicine,EW!

urgh! wanted to blog when im in jakarta like the first two days, but there's no internet connection in my room. plus, by the time we finish our work its kinda late for me to go all the way down to the cafe where there's wi-fi. so tats why! will blog soon ok, let me get some more rest first.

Anyway, i curse you damn driver
last sun, my dog was bang by a stupid van in front of my house
its actually like this
, my mum open the front gate and mydog(machi) ran out
and this fucked up van hit and run

ok maybe its our fault that we open the gate just like that, or maybe we did not trained our dog properly BUT why cant you just fucking stop and see hows the dog?!??! and why cant you open your damn eyes and drive properly?!? is in the afternoon ok. diu

my dog currently in the hospital and GUESS WHAT one side of his eyes might be blind?!

BLIND?!?? ;(

Mahai, i curse you stupid driver. i went and see him this afternoon, one word*OMFG. when we see him, he took some time to recognised us, luckily he know who we are and trying so hard to shake his tail, his eyes was swollen (like seriously) , so damn skinny summore
i can fucking feel the pain on him, arrrggggghh, word cant describe my feeling.

EMO yet sick! :(