Sunday, August 10, 2008

apa khabar semua?

hey everyone! ;)
im currently at Jakarta!

Im at the cafe(outside the hotel) with my boss. Too bad, the apartment dont have wireless lah, if not i can on9 whenever i want and its way comfortable ;(
but nvm la, better than dont have

oh yeah lets move on, meal on the KLM airline

look disgusting la, the taste was not bad thou. like mee mamak (:
arrived at 5(local time) which is malaysia time 6pm.

the executive taxi, the service is good here in Jakarta!
once we come out from the airport, there's all various type of taxi's like Mercedes, Alphard and etc. :O no need to wait one, plus all the driver's is with uniform ok. aiyo, how lah Malaysia -__-
anyway, we took Alphard, theres 5 of us actually ;)

(caffe, natalie, cythia, sharon)
they're good, im glad :D

then dinner was at the duck king!

sorry, one pic only. im hungry, cannot tahan lah -_-
hehhehe, the food was not bad!

my rooom Y

yeap, that's our apartment!
i thought is gonna be real bad, but hell no ;)

did i mention everything sponsored?
meal, accommodation, except air ticket lah!

tmr gonna work la, wanna sleep! nite ya'll
will blog when i can. xoxo!

selamat tinggal


BabyAna said...

Babe! hope u are having an awesome time there at JKT! Anyways yeahh Silverbird good..count by meter always. Dont tk other taxi..CB all flat rate wan. Bali is dat way la..dunno JKT same anot. Lolx
u tk care ya..
See ya when ure bek!

Natalie saw hy said...

hehhe! i didt see the meter one lah, boss pay ma. lol ;D

well, i will try to enjoy because im so busy over here. haihs maybe the last day of the event, we can only get to enjoy lo

hehe! love you hun, see you when im back k. xx