Wednesday, July 23, 2008

stress- nye

1 more week to my finals.
ive neglected my blog for gods know how long! no proper post, nothing. ;( what i do recently was rushing like a mad person. because of my last minute work, with all the deadlines this week. ;S

urgh! not easy not easy.

this is what we call a college life right? ;)
but sometime i still need to release some stress towards someone, the best choice was baby! and what i usually do is webbie! talk to him i felt release, and and i can call him to help out abit.
especially those essays. hehehheehe

thanks ok! theres a surprise for you on our 3 years anniversary
so sorry that i cant celebrate with you on the 27th(the official day), due to im going back to my hometown on friday for granny b'day. hmph.
anyway, we're celebrating in advance. (:

ill post up what i bought! *winks
you better treat me good silly. whats my pressie?!? har...

im 24/7 yawning. -___-


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