Sunday, June 8, 2008


met up with monica hun and - pyramid!
we had our catching up session and it was really great seeing you again.
wei, its not in the club!


taking pictures/camwhoring is just part of our life now!

yesterday night, i decided to follow my brother to coco-banana
and i texted monica hun, since she's gonna be at the summer splash event.
such a coincidence,she's going there too!

coco was *shakeshead is just like barcelona. -__-
maybe is a saturday?!
packed like hell! i met monica at the entrance only, hardly find her in the club.
and not forgetting steph ;) its been ages since i last saw you.

is a no no for coco. eeeeeeeee*
overall was a ok la, i just dont wanna stay in!

didt expect much, luckily i have cindy with me!

gotta run, pics soon! ;D

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