Sunday, June 22, 2008

i sat infront of my lappie more than 11 hours?!?
Finally ive finished my stupid booklet thingy, which take me so looongg!
you know designing *suckballs but still loving it! wtf
anyhow, im gonna shut down my lappie and start revising my marketing mid term which is on tues!!

Whoooi, diu loh! tough paper! -____-
20% yorrrr!

this is how i look like, nerdie ey!

i wanna go RELAXXXXX

Zouk on friday anyone? There's a charity event called Fashion Fushion done by the seniors and the juniors! 7 till 10pm, RM 35.
after that is up to you to stay or another club. hehehheheh
ill be going, hola me if you're going ok and if ure intrested do let me know ;)

pls do come along la, its gonna be fun.
i bet the whole sunway is going, hmmph!

okay gotto go, its getting late! nights.

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