Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday night after the charity dinner was at edmund's
He's celebrating his bday in advance!
went over with the chunnymomo

Happy Birthday loser! ;p

overall was good
met up with jin and jamie, its like finallly!
hmph, jin get well soon yea ;)

well as for yesterday, was at home.
then celebrate papa's day at Restaurant Overseas!

food was delicious and then im still awake at this time
i bet alot of ppl goin for Maison 2nd anniversary ey, the gang was going there too!
wanted to go but i cant!
haha stay in also the same,
i haven't start revising my management yet, my mid term is tmr!

TMR! yes tmr ..

haihs,icantsleep, boo you! ;(

p.s : theres more pics coming, and nice meeting all of you at ed's. xx

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