Saturday, June 28, 2008

Edmund's party!

yesterday night was great.
Fashion fusion was not what i expected, and no alcholic serve during event!
anyway, chunny and jeff couldn't find where's Zouk!
whoiii, and finally they found zouk when the event ended. *lol
luckily they didt purchase the tickets
and then off we go to heritage row and figure where should we go.
due to the time was only 930 and jin have to be home before 12
and im waiting my bro to call..

bla bla blaa.
ended up we went poppy!
met shereen, xinying and the others
it was great meeting all of you and we ciao-ed at 12ish.

early right? Jin and I have curfew
but i bet theres still next time. ALOT thou!


jin(thedramaqueen), nat, jamie(strawberryvodka)


peeps. im lazy! let the pictures to do the talking.
will upload yesterday picture's soon ;)

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