Wednesday, June 4, 2008


im sitting at the same place, using the same com where i lost my pendrive!!

is damn sad you know!
ive already made a report, hopefully i can get back my pen drive!

lee tien and I

nata, lee tien, sara, angline!

let me know aight! ill let you know more about the trip!


a very successful surprise bday party for kah yern!

thanks to seewai again
this see wai, i always bump into her in college!

free we have lunch yeah (:

Kenneth baked this ;)

the 10 of us ;D

bollywood star~ WTF! hahahaa

from left masha tuen,hooichi, hooiyin(meee), lawrence, bday girl, Kenneth

i love you, hope to see you soon girl! mwA~


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