Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 more two go!

wassup with my title?
well, i've another two more assignment to go and im going off to phuket! i bet i really need to go relax wey, after i come back i have my report for the trip, then finals!

and next sem is gonna be interesting yet stressful semester!
no more time to go holidaay, YAY!

anyho, abit update about my personal life!
ive mentioned about me myself being single for months, yes tats true.
my life on dat particular time was college, library, home, abit of outing, tats all
and i miss being with him, yeap tats nixon how
especially ah, when you see couple on the street, college! urgh

so yeah, i decided to let go cause i felt that he never know he's hurting me like mad and he'll never appreciate anything that ive done, prolly he didt even know! What i basically stress about him was his education!

The break up was nearly to his final, so it’s the best time to let him decide whatever things he wanted to do, if you cant make yourself study so just forget about education, if you can and appreciate me then ill be very happy.

not just telling me how much you love me and all.. -__-

if all of the above it’s a not, so there’s gonna be a full stop between you and me.

*so drama lah! i know..but its true!

im not talking about how perfect I am, but its just so unfair you know! Its simply complicated, I hope you guys captured what im trying to say
he's lazy, damn lazy, fucking lazy
His parents got high expectation on him, as usual the only son right! one thing, he gave himself damn alot of excuses to stop him going to college.i trusted him again and again, he said he'll changed again and again but its never done! sad right? ;(

so yeah the 3 months without him, and he's trying so hard to get me back. but hey, its not like last time anymore. now break up, then got back. Whats the point breaking up right?
im a big girl girl now..
so after all the yelling, screaming, banging, pushing..
finally i decided to give him a chance, why?

He had changed to a better person, from what i can see!
He proves his result to me, which makes me go *gugu gaga and definitely proud!

finally my mission is accomplish!
3A's 2B's ok!


not only that la, theres much more. hmphh!
well this post is definitely for you! See i told you dat you can do it, why with me you cannot?

did i mention this coming 27th of July is gonna be our three years together? ;)

i accepted him back last week, seems so lovey dovey now!
Currently la, Problems will still non stop popping out;
it’s actually depending on how you handle it!

oh ya ill be going to phuket with him ;)
anniversary celebration in advance? *laughs

You know how much I love camwhoring, coop with it, i know u hate it ;)

Love your partner more readers!
To those whos single, you will get your true love soon!
Hugs and kisses

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