Saturday, May 31, 2008


well just came back from kahyern's surprise bday party!
im the one who planned it, and everything goes smoothly,
specially thanks to see wai for the help!
really appreciate it babe! i owe you (:

oh ya Happy Birthday to Stephanie Lim <3

anyho, just a quick one before i go zzzz Xlive pictures~
you know most of them, so let pics to do the talking!
well just ignore my tummy

the laser light

sweetie pie

i like this!

Lagoon with the cousins ;)

the 10 of us!

ta daa~ this is how we look like!
dont kill me wai chun, we both look sucky. so nvm! LOL

ey socalled jay chou *smacks head

the blogger aka the emo bunny!
you will laugh your ass off, when you read his blog
damn fucking interesting, oh my oh this cousin of mine!

i agreed msn suck big time these days!
so just grab the pics from my blog, clicky click on the pic and save!
pics that we took today will send it to you sooon!

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