Thursday, May 15, 2008


imma very good girl today,

i study marketing but lappy just right infront of me
this is how smart ppl study la!

see this is how i look like
very hardworking leehh
(i know!)
then out of sudden i feel like camwhoring

so yeahhhhhh..


then i want more..

and more moreee

and more moreeeee moreeeeee

stilll not enough

then K. O

hahhaahhaahhaaha! wtf

my sis currently in langkawi for a week, therefore i owned the room loh!
too lazy to study, but marketing is a very interesting subject

on the other hand, marketing assignments = suckballs!
or we shall call it tough!

one question, two pages!

ahh! mati.kom
doot doooot dooooooot

have a nice day ok!
whos going genting?


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