Monday, May 12, 2008

status- MAD

Mahai, just let us know that we cant photocopy the text book la!
now already photocopied, and call us to go get the original text book?

are you insane?

what to do with my photocopy text book *i asked
put it at home *she said



2nd Unit 2nd Room said...

chill chill...
sunway has the tendency to be bitchy at times especially if the course is still new... ^_^

you love alcohol? so i assume you club very often?

oh well... smiles... cheers.... don't be so upset... just double check next time if you were to photocopy...

and... they say can't copy the whole text book and use... but you can actually split up the book to smaller portion to use and bring to class... *a loop hole*

Natalie saw hy said...

urrrggghh! damn bengang!

alcohol?hmm yea, kind of ;D

anyway thanks for cheering me up loves!


nsw2012 said...

wah, sunway students also photocopy meh? i tot oni local uni people only photo copy. haha. wei, you can take your book and throw at anyone who makes you mad mar. not bad also.

Natalie saw hy said...

hahahhahah! tats me la! so many text book laah! pokai wey!

yea! throw at you, you owe me a lunch! ;p