Sunday, May 4, 2008



greetings! im back im back ;)
Internet connection was down, took few days to get it fixed!
but now i can on9 already ;D

anyway, theres so many things to blog about!
firstly, the metal mouth girl!
i really very the F hard to describe the pain, and somehow its still bothering me

haiyah, oi leng hai gem ge la. -__-
nevermind, nevermind, theres still a good side
gam fei
secondly, my results is out
Inbound and Outbound Operations A
Alcoholic Beverages Operations A
Introduction to Entrepreneurship B

haih, you know what,only 2 marks i can get an A for entrepreneur!
deng, add another 2 marks got that hard?!?
my cgpa man CGPA! urrggh
As for this sem one word,tough!
8 subjects all together..

Financial Accounting for the hospitality and tourism industry
3 credit hours
Hospitality and Tourism Marketing - 3 credit hours
Hospitality and Tourism Management - 3 credit hours
Mice and events project work - 3 credit hours
Mice IT and Resource Management- 3 credit hours
Research and Writting skills - No credit hour
Operations Inbound and Outbound tours- 3 credit hours
Malaysian studies - No credit hour

haih the two in red, speechlees
Damn stressed!
comments from the seniors, damn hard to score for year 2 subjects

As for my classmate as well, semakin less.
In order to proceed to year 2, you have to pass all your subjects in year 1. So those who failed their subjects cant be in the same group, they have to completed first!
SO currently only 8 of us in the class.
yesterday- was out to gardens with family
As for tonight, cousin baby fullmooon dinner.
i cant eat also ;(
soup and porridge is the best choice!

there you go, my whole week!
class,karoake,braces,sunshine club,shopping,fishspa,results,assignments

the latest way to camwhore,taken yesterday!
eye damn small, and lips very thick!
*i did not put any lip gloss, hate lipgloss actually!

pics coming up!

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