Thursday, April 10, 2008

.. woot ..

Back! I knowww, I've been neglecting this blog
My internet was down for the passed few days.
And i admitted im lazy as welll ;S
time flies my one month holiday almost comes to an end
my holidays was hmph... normal!
work and also enjoy sleeping at home with no limit.

as for yesterday, i fought with him again
im totally fed up with everything, im outta this shit!
you're the one who dont appreciate stuffs that ive done.
gah, whatsoever!

yesterday catch up with kiwi , and choong at tgif
then bumped into caijin.
girl really need to catch up with you already, let me know when you start driving to college or ill come and meet ya ;)
then ernest joined us later on.

what else can we do?
lepak-ed at choong's shop, and chor tai dee.
you must be thinking go shopping rather than go sit at choong's shop but i haven got my pay yet plus dont feel like spending a single cent.
so yeah~

forever 21 grand opening on last sat and i managed to get the door gift. cause im working at pyramid mah.

its a combination of mini make up brushers! ;)

alright, i think ive got nothing to say and stay tuned for next post.

whatever pics will post up!

before i go, here's some pics taken during work!

from left: yvonne, sweeting, winnie, kakak, moi, lissa, april, joyce
really nice working with you girls!


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