Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tough stuff

currently listening to Colbie Caillat - Realize

boooo, i just cant sleeep.
YES again! ;(

sad right? i know!!!
like a soh po everyday facing the webbie, camwhore


i bet all of you know about the upcoming rave( 2 days of freedom ) on may 9th and 10th
well well well, everyone keep asking you going you going?

too bad la, i got a big huge function on the 9th.
so yeap tats the answer, its a NO ;(

on the other hand, you guys go visit *here for 2 days of freedom
clicky click and check it out! (:
play the game yor

hmph, whats my plan for tmr? its today actually
breakfast with dad and sis without mummy
mummy went holiday with her sisters which is my aunties! durh
then igotnoidea for afternoon
prolly, go kai kai with sisters
As for the night, might go for impulse @Republic pyramid with my brother

*clicky click for impulse. lapsap gonna be there

Where or how i know?
2nd brother handle heineken account in a advertising firm
and yeap tats why!!

till nex time ;D

i hate 27th alot
Tough stuff, yes i am!


Anonymous said...

OMG Nat! Ur wearing the Tough Stuff T-shirt! Yeay! Miss u :)

Anonymous said...

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