Sunday, April 27, 2008


yesterday was at pyramid with the sisters, the first stop was forever 21!
wah wow wheeeeeeee
bought some top and dresses!

i didt go for impulse yesterday night!
anyho, im dead bored like hell, surfingthenet since morning wey! wtf imma so lifeless!
urgggggh, tmr is a monday! M O N D A Y?!?
YOR, my result
pray hard for my entreprenuer subject

will meet the seniors tmr, never see them for like ages yo!
catchy catchy up tmr ;)

the kantoi day @maison
> . <

e m i ly e m i ly <3
ah beeee~
moi, ashley, stephy, ah bee! (:the hotties ;)

damn fake!

lets call it a day!
will update my result tmr, if G OO D la.



nsw2012 said...

hot chicks on the dance floor! xD

Natalie saw hy said...

someone its getting so free nowadaysss! owe me a meal ;p