Monday, February 25, 2008


I just wannnnna screaaaams!

wtf wtf, i haven finish my business plan yet
and ive a presentation on wednesday wey. screams!

and im stressed about the trip. ahhhh.
teammates are just useless, few of em.
eeee, anyone wanna go Lang Tengah on 22 march till 25 march? 4D2N.
is just RM 448 per pax, everything included(bus, all meals, snorkeling trips and etc)
its reallyreally a gooood deal, we're taking D'coconut 5 stars resort summore.
and ill be your tour leader ;)

for more information you can always email me at
once again, its reallly a gooood deal, im serious! (:

why choose us?
because we're taking as a group, which is 40 pax.
Accommodations, meals, transportation. Everything definitely gonna be cheaper
and i can guarantee you that we can satisfy you not to the fullest but 99.9%?
Its gooonna be reaaaaaaaal FUN!

imagine, having liquor on the beach! camwhoring sessions! LOL ;)

anyway, two weeks from now ill be reallly busy
- business plan & presentation
- absolut vodka product presentation
- deadline for the trip(full payment neeeded)
- march 8 & 9 family trips to port dickson for granny birthday party -.- finals is the nex day
- finals on march 10 till 13 if im not mistaken, 100%
- practical assessment on alcoholic beverages
- after all above, im all ready for the triiiip!
sun, sea, sand, beach, here i coooomeeeeeeee! wheeee
- and say hello for sem 4(which is the outbound trip)
lets go gold coast ;) any better place? hmmm
is open for public, as in whoever wanna join you can join.

some pics before i go, i need to get some sleep.

from the left; jinghua, moi, beckham

titus and I, we went crazy that night!
us again ;)
*big head


dont so lan si larh!

i want a great pic la, when only you can give me that smile?

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