Sunday, February 17, 2008

Good one

yeah, i got back with him after a month plus but we quarrel for some stupid thingy everyday!
aiyaaaaa, like what everyone said "SIEN!

me either ;/

The couples (:

(jing hua and kamen)

(cindy and ah dee)

(ernest and cheryl)
happy 2 years anniversary to you guys too!

(nixon and natalie)


the food was OMG. -.-
AND the bill was


after italiannies@ midvalley, was at boo's then ah dee's place for the *bai tin gong session
home around 2 ish 3!

ive been really busy and lazy these days

As for today,
just finish the gamble session at home and right now im dang sleepy


you will never take a proper picture with me! ;(

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