Sunday, January 20, 2008



morning- class
night- skybar then maison with the usual them and also with the seniors.

p/s to whywhy, i felt so good when i can see you ;)
glad that i can make it for that night. hugs*
that was my first time without him

nothing much. class & facial.

Sat & Sun;
sat- cant go to choong's shop for black friday 2nd anniversary. deng
cant see you kris hun ;S

anyway, photobucket can
and i just came back from work. tired laaaaaa-hh


WHO's going for quicksilver revolution tour?

neeeext timee
i owe you pics, i know ;)


Anonymous said...

hey.. chill la darling.. I'm happy to see u too.. next time we go again k.. anyway bout him.. just chill and no worries.. I still got ME :D

Natalie saw hy said...

*you still got me!

hehehhehehe. yeaaaap, we meet up soon okay. loves loves lovessssssss.

tons of loveeeeeeeeee