Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aussie part 3

TMR holiday woohooo~

im too lazy la, lets the pictures do the talking la.

meh meh*
mehmeh are you cold?!?. ;( im silly i know.
me and daddy. hahahah!
eldest bro and I. faster get your ass back here
for ya information, he'll be coming back before cny ;D

this is awesome, i can see penguins walking up from the sea to their home!
awwwww. they're real cute!
but too bad we cant bring camera in, cause it will scared em.
and yeah they're tiny like the pic above ;)

why wrap myself up?
blame the annoying flies. ew!
million of em, argh!

Graduation Day ;)

congrats ko ;)

samantha and I aka big head. lol

i can see them smile from the heart *wink wink!
soon its my turn ;)


ice cream, I SCREAM
this is the best ice cream ever.
i forgot whats the shop name, eeeee.

heeeeee, still got alot of pics wey.
will upload all the pretty ones, dont worry.
its gonna be aussie part 4 and 5
cant wait for the supermarket fever. lol


tmr ill be goin to poppy for prabha's b'day party

urgh, my dearest parents dont screw it up pls.

pray hard!

am i pretending im happy?

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