Thursday, January 3, 2008

Aussie part - 2

Its all my hardwork on you, dont disappoint anyone anymore.
especially your parents!

as for us, i dont really give a damn anymore.
sick of it already

i just wanna go with the flowwww

alright, its 2.47 am now!

im not sleepy yet, i dont wanna sleep so early lah.
college gonna start on monday and i got my timetable already.

monday till 530, shoot me la deng.
im still having my holiday mooooood whoi.

on the other hand, my RESULT?!?
seriously you can shoot me now. -.-

cut the crapp
oh ya lets continue the pics ive taken at aussie ;D

I heart Queen Victoria Market.
its super duper clean la whoi.
take 1,
okay this *white women here its real!
and i wanted to get a pic with you can see, Failed!

Take 2,
chill chill let me explain why i look like this.
when i wanted to get another shot with the lady, i was so afraid she touch me.
lol. scary lah.. heheh

heaven for the girls ;D

whoar! money is like water to us. wtf!
parents is in a very good mood, cant blame us!
*evil laughhh
but LV is for mummy la, sooner enough is for me la.
Soda rock
GAhhhhh, the best milkshake ever!
A must to tryyyyyy.. seriously honestly frankly.
alamak, i miss em badly.

Milkshake = FAT!

Sam & I

DAMN cool la him

Mount Dandenong- farm visitawww blue sky and the sheeps ;)
*damn lazy la you

hah! poseurrrr.

yeap, tats all for now
stay tuned for aussie part -3
the insane-ness and crazy-ness in the supermarket. ;)

eeeee, i dont wanna go college lah!

much love, nat!

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