Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wish me luck

my finals its TMR.

urm, parents when back hometown on friday and will be back tmr.
the evil natalie. *HAHA.
well, usual.

well friday was out to barclub-loft-maison
it was ana farewell party
as for sat, was at boo's place with the gang.
gonna blog about it later.
i needa continue being a nerd.
cause i just cant concentrate on my books, when my parents not around?
i think i need you guys to be home, so i wont think much.

like going out... ngrrr

the owner of the blog

ANA de cruz ;)
darling, you better take care of yourself aight.
im sure you gonna have a better life in singapore.
i miss you like nuts now, you better update your bloggie.
I wanna know hows life going there alright?

love, natsaw

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