Wednesday, December 12, 2007

one more day to go

well sorry guys for not updating my blog yesterday
because i was dang tired, whole day was spent at midvalley & gardens
with mum and my sis! needa get ready for aussie. ;D
bought ALot of stuffs. woot!

aight lets start with the pics
*brb watch tee vee

uh huh one more day to go.
aussie aussie aussie ausssiieee

anyway, enjoy ya'll
i mean the delayed pics

more to come

Ana's Farewell Party @ barclub
and maison and loft


hugs and kisses*

1 comment:

BabyAna said...

Awwww bAbe i Miss u toooo!!
U going aus for holidays?
Anyways Haf fun yeahh(which im sure u will ;P )
Love u!