Thursday, December 6, 2007


hey everyone.
just a short one.
last night was at cafe flame with the how family.
it was my bf's bro birthday party.

this afternoon
was at redbox with suilin and off to titus's shop.
and i bought a cap. preeety one.
*its all on you titus choong.
i mean the design on my cap ;D
and now im still thinking wanna go maison anot.
im just got no balls to ask my sister nor brother
cause gods know what reason
its abit the too much lately.
not forgetting im tired now.
but woiiii, monica darling its going wey.

okay you will see me there if im going

i hope.
off i go.

the picture of the month
me likeeeey.
nites everyone
take care to those whos in the club right now

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