Thursday, December 13, 2007

The last minute thing

me, suilin and boo was at my house that night.
its a thursday night, well clubbing nite lah.
the gang of mine will hit the club as usual,
on the other hand my parents not at home ey.
so boo tried to called my bro. tat time was around 1230 thou
and yay he said okay.I brought suilin along!

cut the crap;

ah bump into jin darling
you look gorgeous hun, will catch up with ya once i get back from aussieland
lovess! *mwa

KRISTYN KOK, i miss you woman!
hope to see you when i get back, and hope you had a great time at thailand ;)

awww, i gave momo a surprise ;)
love you guys.

two tone =.=

bump into steph hun as well ;)

i took an hour to find this woman.
YY, next time you better go with me. ;)

I think i should stop ey..
i haven pack my stuff yet *rolleyes

to be continueeeee again..

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