Thursday, December 20, 2007


hey guys
well im at sam's place, we're doing bbq later
well i just have to admit i put on weight already. ptf!
i wanna hit the gym so badly wey..
ahhh, i must hit the gyyyyyym.seriously...

anyho, bought alot of stuffs, shopping here its good but its kinda expensive thou.
is like have to times 3, and basically now its already 7.49pm.
times flies here..
and im gonna be back on tuesday evening

i bet you guys miss me lehh. bleh! HAHA
and tons and tons of pretty picturesss will be up soon."

theres thousand of em, LOL!

okay i need to help them to carry stuffs to the bbq area.

will update if i can, loves!

not forgetting.

in advance everyone

hope you had a great and memorable one.
my christmas eve will be here@ melbourne for the first time


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