Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sound of Miracles

told ya about my working days at klcc.
being a usherer its not easy. but what to do.
we have to work.

and ive uploaded few pics only.
because i dont have the motorola cable lah.
and tats why i cant download the pics.
anyho, once i got the cable, will show you guys.
damn funny one ;) we're so silly! <3


the seniors and I.
( left to right- yy, moi, karmun, kim)

YO. wassup guys. hah!

Sound of miracles. 23 of november 2007
i felt release, we're done for the event, FINALLY.
so much of hardwork!
we've been through so many obstacles, its not easy to run an event wey.
to get sponsors and yada yada.
seriously work my ass out for the event. yorrr!
and HEY , the party was awesome.
worth it loo ;D
WE HAD FUN yo. same goes to the crowd, right? ;)

the graphic designers.

the korean guy(LJ) , and the dearest lecturer(Ms Yati)

we managed to get 3k for GOLD ; )

sound check sound check...

The CREW's

me and sri papa natong aka papa. the thai girl ;)

whoar lecturers and I, i must get an A kay. ngeks~

the project manager, karmun!

us again!

the sayang came over. ;D

me, cheryl, keng sing.


me and jing hua.

THE mirage. they're good in dancing ;)

US. *mwaaa.

take one.take two ;p

they're goooood, you guys so gonna famous la.
i miss you trix, yorrr ;)

dixon and (urm i forgot his name) came over ;D loves loves

shake your booty thang..

ROAR, well we just love taking pictures la.gahhh.

LOL. -.-

US AGAIN! <333>

love you model.
ey ey, do you realize we're like in the club. hahaha.

the sayang'sss. awww.

My friends who came that night, thankieww for coming guys!
love you tons, hope you guys enjoy yourself
more event coming up. ;)

the future event director, Natalie Saw.
*cough cough.


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