Sunday, October 7, 2007


uh huh! its sunday.
just finish hitting the gym, and im so tired and hungry now.
ngrrr. cant wait for dinner.

anyway, lets start with monday.
in the morning as usual, class till 430.
then monica and the gang was at mid valley.
they ajak me to go over, so i went.

its real good meeting up with them.
what girls do you tell me.
shop and GOSSIP.

im broke! urgh.
so many stuffs i want la..

opps. ;)

monica and I. heheheh im tall. ;)
oh, monday class was so dang boring.
and i know tuesday its your birthday hun.
love you.

stephy, moi, vicky.
the girls.

AT night.

dad went to JB, mum went to singapore.
so as i said poker at my place.
here's some pics.

sohai-ness. i know. =.= we drink vodka like water.
and you know vodka taste like shit. ew.
i prefer whisky. hell yeah!

on9. my house got wireless one okay ;)

oh the model. ;)

jye wei and I.

us again!

wassup with your face jyewei aka banana.
why banana..
well jye wei, in chinese is Jiu pei (in cantonese).
so ended up BANANA. ;D

and my turn. LOL

last but not least;

babyxon and i.
aiyo, im so not gonna wear spec go out.
aunty ey? hmmm.
and we look like nerd. hah!

hmm, finish drinking at 5ish. then went over to steven's, then back home at 6ish.
woke up at 9.
class at 10

as for tuesday,wednesday,thursday.
as usual. college, gym, home.

as for friday. mum and dad went back to pangkor to visit my grandma.
muahhahhahah, evil me!
morning - college, night - went over to jamie's place.
went to see them play futsal, then arabic.
then home.

thanks boo! love you.

as for saturday and today.
nothing much really happen.

gym and home.



so boring at home, you know!
i wanna go garden and pavilion.
NIXON HOW KEN LOONG ?!?......*screams
aahhh. when you want to bring me go shopping LAH!

ive submited all my assignments. woohoo.
i hope next week got no new assignments coming in.
BACAUSE i want to enjoy my holiday.
which is next next week.
pray hard!
holiday should be at melaka if im not mistaken with the family!

and class at 830 tmr. its monday tmr!
till next post. ;)


~ : i t c h : ~ said...

main main tak habis. funny la u =P

wah, new picture up there huh .. teehee..

n yea, me kinda likey the last pic there.. look a bit singaporean wei.. lolz

Natalie saw hy said...

aiyo! now its time to main la my dearrrrrrrr! hah. parents not at home you know. bleh! yeah yeah i like also la. and woi, your car design its like so damn fucking cool. wahhh. serious!

love nat

jois said...

hey babe!
guess who.... haha =P
nice blog girl, keep it up ^^

Natalie saw hy said...

JOIS darling! woot. im suprise thou, and i didt know you got a blog. ;) gonna link you up aight.
i miss you girl. when ure in kl, its just like hi bye and nixon house. URGH! your bf its cute. harhar.

love nat