Wednesday, October 17, 2007

feeling better

ahh, i felt better already.
lets partay. lol.
okay, urm lets start with friday.

morning- college, then went over to pyramid with boo.
there's so many new shops there.
anyway, wanted to get present for diggie.
and guess what i went in topshop and i bumped into HIM.
damn kantoi!
haha, but.. still managed to get him a grey jumper from topshop.
and im glad that he love it. ;)

anyho, boo bought me stuffs as well.
thankiew. <3

diggieee, the birthday boy!

moi, milo and ana

we love to sing, and wanted to be a singer.
laugh out loud, hah!

he's freaking talll.

and his mum bought him a pikachu cake from secret recipe.
look at the tissuees. so cutee!

uncle jack.

he's tipsy
love you dixon wong!

em, gone.

reached home around 12ish.
then friday was out with the family.
sis, her bf, younger sis and mum.
went over to ikea, curve.

then at night. sis got plan at night.


hahahahhaa, evil me.
ask her to bring me out lo.
so tats why i love her more than everyone else.
not just that she bring me out at night la.
its like er.. i dont know how to describe.
anyway, she's just fucking COOL.
end of story.

so yeah, esmund came to fetch me.
sis will be in kuchai with her frens.
and then boo came and we headed off to mardigras.

it was great!
better than maison? no?
so pictures..

a simply top and jeans.

fei lap and darling cher

my junior which is my bf ex classmate.
woi tiny world la. hmm
fat arms, i know.
working on it.

we dance non stop that night.

love this pic.
meet my new fren yee hui. the one with white top ;)

i love taking pics with him.

taka, taka taka taka. hah!

wanna fight meh..
he's cute. no?
tippp- syyy
he's so leng chai now, no offense. hehe

then went back to meet my sister up.
then home at 2ish 3.

then woke up at 6. dang.
mum want us to go melacca early in the morning, to avoid the jam.
disaster wey, HANG OVER.
can urgh...
anyho, i enjoyed. so its okay!
silly me.

so yeah, Melacca!


check it out man, who will wear la you tell me?

lovely sis and i.
i love my sunglassie. no?
then spent one night there.
monday- back home at 4ish.
went to the gym then dinner.
had webcam sessions with whywhy.
hahahahah, real fun i tell you.
we talked, we laugh, and we discussed about our event.
something its goin reallly wrrrronng.
i mean the event.

back to the topic
this is how i look like.
in the webcam. hah

sick- sleep and sleep and sleeeeeeeeeep.
ate porridge then went to the doctor. high fever!
ate medicine and sleep again.

sleeeeep till er 3?
and the hyper me its back.
ate medicine, and going to ko soon.

cant wait to go out tmr.
might going to pyramid to meet up my client
then at night, going to support my bro.
at klgcc?
well will update you guys asap.

and hope there's second round tmr.
after supporting my bro.
club? hmmm



~ : i t c h : ~ said...

cum malacca tak ajak keluar.. hehe..
jk jk =P ...

yerrrrrr, da lala baju!! super ahbengness!!!!!!!!!!!!

n oh my!! u camwhore bitch la wei.. webcam aso nak ambik gambar summore. =_='' lol.

Natalie saw hy said...

woi. saya suka ambil gambar la. ;p
weeeelll, is a shop okay, full of the super ahbengness baju, i wonder how they survive. lol.urrrrghh. come we webcam sometime. ngek ngek ngek.

i miss you la hun. bila keluar ni?


~ : i t c h : ~ said...

hahah. i miss u 2 !!
one day one day!!! kenot wait aso.. jom pergi minum!!! ahaks.. teaching u to be a bad kid man.. lol.

u making me wanna buy shades dreadfully. =( teehee...