Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy Week

urgh sorry for not updating my blog.
cause im so damn busy this week for doing fundraising for my event
Which is the Sound of Miracles.

ive got so much things to say.
but i really got no time to talk about it.


anyway, why am i doing at this time.
im awake.
and going to sunway lagoon later.
We managed to get a booth there, and today its the family day for sunway staffs.
I mean theres alot of ppl whos coming!
and we're doing some face painting, fishing frenzy and etc.
so pray hard that we can raise some fund for GOLD.

btw, im tired. i slept at 2.

okayyyy, its for my event and its for CHARITY.
anyho, WORK HARD party later. lol.

and oh ya, yesterday night.
im invited to the Sunway University College, 20th anniversary Gala dinner.
sounds boring. yeah it is!
hahah, but still good accompany. so its alright!

i know LAH, everyone its going for the rave.
i jealoous.. haih!

gotta run.
need to take a bath and KICK some ASS today!

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