Saturday, September 1, 2007


merdeka eve was spent at maison.

i thought my merdeka eve will be like sleeping on my bed.
lock myself in the room, facing the walls.
and imagine how cool if i can go out.
but moi tried her luck,
i texted my eldest sis, and her bf.

moi: jie really cannot bring me out tonight?
jie: cannot la, im having a dinner with my partners. sorry!
moi: bring me outtttttttttt. pls pls.
herbf aka esmund : cannot la, im drinking here. next time k.

;( sad. but moi dont give up.
texted her eldest brother as well.

moi: hey ko, can bring me out tonight ?
ko: where you want to go?
moi: i wanna go maison. my frens going maison ma.

no reply... ;(

10 min passed.
phone rang, it was my brother.
im like,

moi: meh si? you wanna bring me out ah.
ko: you wanna go maison issit?
moi: YAY!
ko: okay la. go change.
moi: *i stoned* you serious anot ?!?
ko: Yala, go change la..
moi: heeeeeeeeeeeeeee, =D

well its was my first time went clubbing with bro.
it was greatt. haha!

the coolest thing is i got no curfew.
no phone calls as well.
so cool right. ;)

this is my life.
i got my real strict parents.
meanwhile, i got my lovely brothers and sisters.
they make me go rawr sometimes.
love em tons.

im gonna stop here thou,
i need to wake up early tmr.

not forgetting pictures before i go,

we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

yo my brotha. the one in white.

bump into him; (i forgot his name) lol

and leet. <3>
the picture of the day;
TA! love you

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