Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just pictures

im so stressed up with my assignment.
im suck in writting essays.
you call me to do presentation in front of everyone is just so easy.
but write an essays. can take me urmm whole day?
or more than one day. haih.

im so suck.
yeah S U C K.

ah, lazy to blog.

cousie's house/ tang lung's festival. ;)

now i know, i cant jump. spot me. hah!
only my cousin brotha on my left can JUMP that high. WAH.

JOGOYA at starhill

Photoshoot AT RUNWAY.

half of em. i know i look fierce. hah!

back to my work.


Anonymous said...

u're better without make up hahahaha.

Natalie saw hy said...

hey! its a good thing. seriously. so i no need to be dang ugly without make up. ;) hehehhehe.

sheng wa i miss you.