Monday, September 10, 2007

Guest Blogger Alert!!! Ngek Ngek!

Hello Everyone, first of all I'm Nixon aka. BooBoo....
Nothing to do now and then at my pop's office, been invited by the silly owner of this blog heh heh...well what to do...for love, Humphhh!!

Well, our story starts from way back..bout 2 years has pass..this girl kinda hard ya' know at 1st when I decided to go for it and give out bout how i feel, at 1st she's all right..I'm like ok, so so...but then weeks pass ><" n' whats pissed me off its that she thought IM PLAYING!! but i dint give up.

DRAG DRAG DRAG...till 27th of JULY 2005, things change..heh heh..I give her a unexpected hell of a surprise that she doesnt even think it is possible..but i did it for her thou..ask he if u want to...=D

Then alot of ups and downs we quarrel n stuff, even fight.><" I'm sorry..but then we knew that we arnt ready to put those good times into just mere memories so we continue our path of happiness hoping to reach Shimmering Island where we can run around the island naked and SCREAMING I LOVE

well i just wish to stay with her as long as we can..hoping to give her alots more of unexpected n' ridiculous surprises that contains TONS of happiness along the way...

Well, I know this post is kinda dull n' bored..IM A GUY..i dont know how to blog girls..n guys out there that is viewing her blog here..><" sorry aight...n BABY THERE MY GUEST POST!! A Promise has been fulfill againt! WEEEEE!!

Bye Bye everyone.

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