Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great experience

ahh finally!
ive been really busy and also lazy these days.
cut the crap.
let start with hmmm..
Philip and jing hua birthday @ maison
I went out at 8ish, boo came and pick me up.
oh well, is still early.
so we decided to go for shesha at suzi. If im not mistaken.
the food and shesha there was good.

then bump into Edmund and his friend aka the joker
he made me laugh like non stop.. hah!
meanwhile, mum called.
called me to be home asap before dad come home.

im like ah okay okay.
but guess what, the party haven start also.
it was just around 11 ish. Dang. =.=

so boo asked me, you want to go maison or home.
I don’t want you to get into trouble.
I was like, I wanna go maison but then have to go home soon already. How?

talked talked talked and talked in the car.
Ended up we decided to go there for awhile.
yeah I know for what? Go awhile better don’t go.
but hey go there to wish the birthday boy’s isn’t it better than we didt show up?
Oh well, I bet girls out there.
if you got the curfew like me, im sure you guys gonna sneak out or don’t give a damn.
which I got no balls to do that.
just came home abit the late, I think should be alright.
if not dad and mum gonna shoot me like hell.

Yeah, get use to it already.My parents is COOL. Yay! ;)
Btw met up with cheryl darling.
she came back from perhentian and went over to redang.if im not mistaken.
and guess what…she got sun-burned.

and even me cant really recognize her. *gulp
but now she’s doing her spa to make her skin look better.
IF NOT. * @. @

Oh ya ive told myself not to drink on that night.
cause competition is on Saturday.don’t wanna lose my voice.
Here goes some pictures.

do you realize i dye my hair? hehe ;)


the darling'ssss!

Samsung idol look-alike contest 08/09/2007

From top 30 to top 10.and I won the grand prize!
Awhh.oh well unexpected.

Why siti nurhaliza? I got no idea.cause I love her song? And I sing her song as well?
er yeah!

So yay, reached there about 10ish.
make up, and yadayada…
Get ready and all, then rehersal.
was nervous a little bit. but the sound system was good.
and the supportersss. love em alot! <3>

amin and the runway director.

he's really nice and he non stop giving me compliment. ;D

the so called leehom. ahem

us again.

the sweetie pie, suilin!

no stage. this was rehersal.

judges on the left. and audience in front and right. ;D

boo! the one who hates camera.
the top 10 finalist. waiting for the result.



Datuk K is on his way* haha

you see me smile from the inside? hehehhehe.
im so sillyy.
awhh the phone!


OK! ill settle down everything. LOL. love you mum.
the gorgeous flower.
cousies. The TUEN family.
the phone, ive tried to use but damn sensitive wey.
maybe just im not a samsung user.

so mum want me to give it to my maid.
cause she's going back end of next month.
her daughter want a new phone. harhar.

and tats why i can go and hit gym already.
mum paid for one year.
hahaahhahaha! im smart. <3> the sisters.


we laughed...

the kakak came to support.
she's the maid in the house for more than 10 years.
she sayang me alot. cause i sayang her alot. ;D

shortttttyy, but hey she got big boobs. no im serious. hehe

Deareast Mummy!
she's proud, im glad!the one who teach me how to sing better. she's awesome!

the one who keep on calling me since just now.
out of sudden i got mood to blog ma, ill sleep when i finish kay ;D
cause i got class tmr at 830. ;(im happy! ;DDDD

then off the starhill for tea.
and we saw..

3 in a roll. how to spell lamborghini? i hope its correct.

last but not least. ME.

tmr ill be going for the make up classes at runway @lot 10.

gym hardcore!
my body hurts. nights

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