Thursday, August 23, 2007

Triple Thumbs Up for GWEN.

woke up at 9ish.
then went over to terminal 3,subang.
with mum and sis to do our passports
going to aussie end of the year.
uh huh, cant wait!

and oh ya, waited for almost 5 hours.
OMFG, dang alot of ppl. phew.
i was suppose to fetch my cousins
but ended up driver went and picked them up.

luckily they came.
we talked, and gosssip and keep on saying...

then went over to parkson to grab our dinner.
went home, get readyyy.
left the house at 8.

the concert was GREAT!
she's hot, pretty,gorgeous.. what else, she can sing!
no doubt!

i didt bring my camera in. YAy!
there's pictures in my phone, but i dont have the cable yet.
will upload once i got my phone cable. ;)

once again, it was really really good.
eventhou is just a short one. but ITS damn GOOD!

okay enough. hahahahhaha

im out.

back, went out to pasar malam
just now.
alright, lets continue.
after the concert when over to steven's.
then k.o.

cause i have to work.
which is wed.
im the skin consultation for clinique at University Melaya.
for freaking RM80. 8 to 6pm okay.
ahhh. =.=

the people there was errrrr.
they came to approach for the skin consultation.
i promote promote all, finish talking.
guess what they said.
can i have the sample?!?


can i have the sample?
actually i have to ask my mum first. will get back to you later

sigh! if you want the sample you can just freaking fill up the form and GET IT.
dont come for the sick of getting the sample LA.
waste my air liur wey. ngrrr.

then dinner at pizza hut with Mak.
went home, and IM HAPPy.
gods know what reason.


you know who you are. =D
then as for today,
went over to take my passport.
luckily no needa wait for freaking 5 hours.

laugh your heart out.. i know im damn ugly.
damn sucky la. yerrr.
anyhow, bumped into gua hao.

then went over to MID again.
had our lunch at chilis.
food was good. as usual.

and i saw this.
i like the packaging.
i feel like buying it thou, HAH!

play safe okay!

neh you.......... hahahahhaha!
im- SO- random.
and i bought this.
i hope its gonna be nice.
off i go. suilin came over to my place.
its time to GOSSIP. hah.
till next time. xx.


Anonymous said...

girl careful when u scan and upload pics of passport or IC, blur out the main details, there is alot of fraud cases these days regarding passport.better change it, i enlarged that image and i can see every detail clearly wor.

Natalie saw hy said...

ahhhh. omigod! tats scary. okay okay ill edit it. thanks alot aighttt! love