Monday, August 27, 2007

COLLEGE started.

sup sup ?
hah! ive got my result. it was okay.

Principles of Mice and Events
Personal Development Skills 1
Understanding Hospitality And Tourism Industry B
Business English 1
MICE and Events Accommodation Product C

consider okay la. hor hor?
my cgpa was 3.0.
the bloody C pull down my cgpa. urgh!
okay, im gonna work real hard for my sem 2.
no doubt, im serious okay!
meanwhile we're having a big event in this sem
working out with the seniors in Sem 5,
awh, i want it to be the best event among the seniors.
like our previous assignment, the arch! ngek.

alright, today went to college with ernest.
he's so sweet, offered to be the driver.
cause i was so damn nervous for my results.
keep on Stone-ing. lol.
and this dude go there for frens, so cool.

p/s: EY dude, go do what you have to do.
your dad nag you like hell today! urgh.
dont be a *fai cai. harhar.

where was i. ah.
urm,oh ya is good to have accompany for the first day.
and i no needa drive. hahaha.
so later, when over to asia wit a group of frens.
which is ernest's classmate aka seniors in Sem 5.

hang out awhile, they dota.
me and ernest met up with ivin. if im not mistaken.
we need to ciao early, because he have to fetch his lovely brothers.
so went up to his house to pee.

and here comes the theory from his dad.
bla bla bla blaa..
then we went over to mid to catch February 29.
okay is not a good show.
but i got shocked for dont know how many freaking times.
hah! =S

went to fetched his bro from the tuition centre.
then tabau food for the brother's from the pasar malam.
well i recommended them the char kuey teow.
chun right. heeee.

you're so sweet.
be like a real good brother who take care of your brothers.
i wonder how you treat your girl, must be damn good la.. hah!
p/s: ey Future kay. i want. lol!

im so silly.
alright then went home.
im good also okay, fetched my sis back from the tuition centre.

okay as for saturday.
one word G R E A T.
in the morning, went over to Lot 10.
to attend the preliminary round at RUNWAY.
did i tell you guys?
ermm I`ve been shortlisted as one of the Top 30 candidates in the Samsung Fun Club Idol Look-Alike Contest.
well i just go for fun.
no regret going thou, they are like so friendly.
the judges are like so cool. as in they're really nice to me.
hmmm, just wait for the results. ;)

then went home.
me and my sis decided to do our hair.
headed off to the saloon.
lucikily dad gave us money, we got our treament done.
and i cutted my hair, 2 inch?
there's split ends. so yeah.

then went home about 5.
and headed off for dinner with the family.
then my younger sis having a dinner at cititel with her club members.
so jie decided to shop, so we went to dropped her off
and we shop till we drop! hah.
mum came along as well, to settled down the payment for my sis.
so woot, mum was having a Real - Good - Mood.
first stop bobby brown.

hah, half of em.
in my opinion,
bobby brown its good compare to shu emura and mac.
heh. im so happppy now.
cause usually i have to save up my own money for make up thingy.
so yeah.
then 2nd stop British India for the big boss at home, my DAD.
spent around 1k for daddy. urgh.
mum willling to spent for him like seriously.
let me tell you she didt see the price one. =.=

then metrojaya.
now i realized there's so many cool stuffs in metro ey.
hah! bought cool earings.
damn cheap okay. 10 bucks for each. ;O
and its really gorgeous. when i wear it, ill take a pic aight!
and few tops and bottoms.
told ya, mum is being so sweet on that day.

then skin food.
you guys should try their products.
its really good, it was my first time using it.
try out the make up remover for eyes and lips.
uh huh!

then backed to cititel.
sis refused to go home, so Yay.
mum wanted a hot latte.

then went home K.O-ed.

woke up at 12.
sis texted me lets go shopping.
im like hell yeah, ON ON.

so we went over to one u.
but this time mum doesnt want to go.
have to be a good wife teman my dad. heh.
and she told my sis not to buy anything for me.
cause sis is holding the card. so yeah.

my sis is So cool okay.
she still buy me stuffs. harhar.
heart her alot!
we reached there about 2.
went for lunch at nandos. delicious.

i bought bra's at La senza. fucking cheap.
3 for Rm180. normal price for each is rm129.
damn cooooool LAH.
and boobies getting bigger.

NGek ngek ngek.
then i told myself have to controled abit la.
not all at once. so yeah.

spotted a bag in forever21.
the black one. is Rm129.
damn nice Lah.
sei mou, next week next week.
cause my bag which i usually bring to college one.
going to patah ey. need to get myself a new one. ;D

movie that ive watched for the passed few days.

this was good! i laughed my heart out.
hahahahah. seriously cheer me up when i was down.

this was good as well. but expected more.
Rogue Assassin. couldnt find the poster.
but it was good and err i see blood all the time. EW.
ahh luckily i got you to accompany. heh.

oh ya, the girl, she's HOT.
whats her name?
i dont know. hmmm


Secret! okay, i haven watch this movie yet. but i booked the tickets already, its on wednesday.
i can say con-damn-firm ill cry. hehe.
i cry easily la. ahh whatsoever.

its time to say TA.
tmr class at 1030 till 430. =/
i got class on mon till friday. OMFG.
i hope everything goes smoothly.
especially our upcoming big event!
and girl, its not what you think. seriously!
trust me! i dont want to be so awkward.


You make me mad,i tried to be normal,
but still i missed you somehow.

are you alright now?

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