Friday, May 28, 2010

Your love is my Drug!

HAHA, all these emoticons totally speaks how I felt now! I am freaking.. damn.. done for the semester, result will be out most probably end of June and my next semester starts on October! super long break ya'll *evil laughs*

And since I got turn down for the job today, mainly because there's not many reservation for tonight so they don't need me. (oh fyi I am now working as a waitress at The Oriental- Thai/Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant) So, I thought of blogging a bit, while staring outside and realized the trees are all grown up - full of leaves.

This is what I meant. Loooook is so greeeeeeen and busshy!
awww how to not love the weather but not this few days thou, I wonder where the hell did the sun went. T.T but it's all good, the cold is ain't that bad after all.

Anyway, from few layers..... like a burger two piece and a sunnie on! It's so much easier to dress up now.. just like in Malaysia! Perhaps way better because no one will give you the cock stare or how you look/dress/with makeup no makeup. It doesn't really matter at all here.

haha that's what I normally do to attend classes, trust me you couldn't beat anyone in the class, they are like 24/7 with make up just like me hitting the club or a dinner or some special occasion. I respect them, eh not basic make up but with fake lashes on too. meh.

Anyway, I am stilll waiting the right weather for sunbathing :)

gotta run, have fun in Hennesy once again <3

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