Thursday, May 27, 2010


I hate buying air tickets online, srsly! I am FCUKING SERIOUS!!!!
I think I have spent like gods know how much for the mistakes I have done not once but TWICE!
muthafcuker, I never felt that dumb before seriously. *ARGHHHHHHH*


I am tryinnnnnnggg to.......loook at the bright side, trying to calm myself down! but I can't!!!
I am so sorry baby! I hope you will forgive me. Also, I will punish myself with work. I will work as many days as possible to cover back the lost. T.T

What a great kick start of today also known as our 3 years and 10months together
I am guiltyyyyyyy, effing guilty and sad deep down bottom of my heart

By the way, Happy anniversary baby and frankly I don't miss you and you alone - I miss you and me together.

Counting down.. 11 days!

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