Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bali (*cont)

so after exploring the whole villa we went out for dinner.
(i forgot the name for the restaurant) the food was super spicy but delicious.

and so many ang mo having their meals, the first thing cross my mind was H1N1
HAHAHA tell me about it, i was suppose to quarantine myself for 7 days after the trip.
-_- don't fret, i am alright now woi :/

so here goes pictures,

then back to our villa, and fully utilize the place, taking pictures in every corner :D

then off to have our blue label and swimming at night was orgasmic.
so freaking cold woi.

then go back up to our room for Jacuzzi and more gossip!

photo credit to Rachel Saw my sister :)

thats the end for Day One.
Day Two coming up next/soon, i am going to sleep early and hit the gym in the morn and watch transformer with the baby tmr noon! :)
Till next time, stay tuned folks

p.s//: who's going to Cheer 2009 this sat and sun?

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