Tuesday, June 30, 2009


*waves waves*

i just woke up and i have the urge to blog, woo consider damn efficient already.
Anyway, today ive just submitted my law assignment, i felt so relieve right now.
Ive freaking done all the individual assignment :) and now left the group presentation :(

Time passes so fast and tmr is the month of July already!
ive exactly a month to go for my final and im done.
i mean i am done with Sunway University College then perhaps London or aus to pursue my degree? ah, i am still waiting for my result for my previous semester .
so we will seeeee.. *very fan one i know* sigh

Anyway, Bali Bali.

Let starts with the way to the airport, at the airport and the beautiful villa that we're staying! :)
Hahaha you guys gonna be patient man, theresomanypictures woi. -.-

at the airport, all hyped up! :)

we had our lunch at Dome's. wasdamn Delicious :)

then we off to duty free shop, to grab liquor,
how can you enjoy without liquor at Bali you tell me.

so our choice- Blue Label and a bottle of Moet :)
on the plane ( po po po po poker face)
once we touched down at about 6pm, we headed straight to theohso beautiful villa
we drools when we see the villa srsly. i mean ya we did browse tru some of the villa picture's on the net but it might not turn out what we want you see.

But in real life is awesome la despite the narrow road to the villa freak us out a little.
the villa called Villa Arwana!!

The Jacuzzi that i mentioned earlier :)

the private swimming pool :)

the toilet :)

the bedroom :)

more pics coming up

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