Saturday, May 30, 2009


Good morning folks :)
Is saturday again (so fast wtf), for almost 5 weeks i cant feel the difference between
weekends and weekdays, why?


perhaps you guys are wondering, working asssss?!!?!?

i will be station at different places every weekends included fridays as well.
so 3 days a week till July if im not mistaken, what i need to do is just freaking sell all
the shavers away.YEAH guys shavers T.T

the feeling is so good if you manage to convince the customer to buy, the satisfaction ya'll!
and working with stupid xinny baby is so challenging/fun, we both kiasu one,
selling as many as we can, haha! besides, is good to have a great accompany while
you work for 8 hours a day ok -__- and the good thing is we have our break together,
we go work together, everything together

HAHAHA, come and think of it I sien seeing you bitch. hahahhaa

btw, this week will be at sg wang. i freaking hate that place, yesterday
was dead!! -__- I hope today its going to be way better, hmphh.

As for last night, right after work i went and meet up with Team Friday at
Edmund's to celebrate Susu's and Sylvester's birthday, hard liquor babeyyyy.
on the rock on the rock :/
and driving home at night is freaking scary nowadayss! urgghhhh!!!
whatever it is, i enjoyed to the max la seriously, its been ages :D

i think i better go and get ready now, my shift is at 1pm! :)

love you woi
you freaking ffk me, hahahha. i knew it, you can't make it for breakfast, i knew it!!
you're not a morning person at allllllll hahaha

anyway take care ya'll, hugs!

p.s//: cai jin pls call us when you finish your paperss okk :)


JoyceT said...

hey gal..joyce here..are u working for panasonic nano care again?

Natalie saw hy said...

heeey! ive no idea about the event also. no one call me lah.

or you mistaken, im working for schick thou :)