Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cindy's 19th Birthday Celebration

hey, i just finish exhibition operations proposal!! :D
Feeling all good now and decided to update my ohso outdated blog!


time fliess... is thursday tmr omfg!
and is weekends again :S

Anyhow, Cindy's bday was at Modesto, capsquare.
To be honest, is really an awesome place, we all enjoyed to the max!
we conquer the whole place, request any songs that we wanted, conquer the dance floor as well, drink like nobody business.

O.o all thanks to my brother!
we have special rates for our liquor and is damn cheap! imagine black label for RM 250nett, bottomless mixers with no extra charges! freaking good environment, spacious!
omg, is damn awesome la, i dont mind having my bday party there also *evil laugh*

so here are the pictures, im so lazy to do the caption

The girls : Kamen, Helen, Miling, b'day girl, Shirley and me

:) :)

Hope you like the pressie :)

btw this post suppose to be up two weeks ago, god! *geeez*
more updates soon i hope, college resumes, assignments pilling up like nobody business.-__-
tats whyyy!
brb soon

love you people, night!

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