Monday, April 20, 2009

*waves waves*

Got back from penang last night, effing tired , the journey in the car was torturing :S
even though i have comfy seats and great accompany in the car but still... :S
how nice if 30mins can reach penang, aiyor! :S

will blog about it sooon

i know i haven been updating for gods know how long, and sorry to disappoint you guys i
wont be able to blog today too. because i need to have a day off, sitting at home, maggie mee + egg + sausages + crabmeat for lunch is so damn good, watch teevee + a cup of milo ice is damn damn damn bagus, take a nap whenever i want is the best.

HOHOHO, this is heaven! its been ages la seriously!
work so damn kao hard for the pass few months, wooooooo.

So now ill fully utilize my two weeks of holiday!
*don't want to think about the freaking long essay and report*

Call me out for a drink :)

Baby Hugo and I

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