Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have so many things to say, but i don't know where to start :S
Damn, its so freaking hard to actually think back what ive done

Stupid internship who always keep me occupied, if not i wont be facing all this shit

is going to be randommm............

Thats me and Aaron Larsson

We used to yell at each other at work(hotshoes) and we gossip like nobody business.
To be honest, i freaking miss those days :(
He went back to Sweden for freaking 4 years, (Thats so damn effing long -_-)
Make sure come back during your summer break!!!!!!!

p.s// puh lease send me all the pictures chut chut pet pet *inside joke*


Last two weeks at Jin's place!
We gossip like there's no tmr, HAHAHHAH

when is our next session?


Last but not least, Vannessa's birthday at phuture :)
the vip room upstairs, the bottomless champagne and black label = Amazing!!!

1st : me, xinying and caijin on the phone :)