Friday, April 25, 2008

camwhore bitch!

i love doing manicure and pedicure

this time i chose milky colour ;)

i went and do my nails today,
i brought my O.P.I manicure set tat i recently bought along too, cause i need to know the steps and curi some tips
You know that day, i helped my sis to do her mani and pedi but now theres bubbles on it, ;( maybe due to my cacat skills la
So today she used my base coat but NOW i found out theres bubbles on my nails too. i phone her up and ask, she said impossible and she call me to come back tmr.
she'll re-do it for me and figure out whats wrong!

I really wanna know, is my base coat giving me problem or what?!?

eeee, geram betul!

tats my geram look
my webbie settings and all, nice right?
Is just 1.3 M!

;) ;D

oh god, fat cheeks if i dont show my teeth

im gonna get my braces very soooon, better get use to it first



i really damn boring lah!

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