Friday, April 18, 2008

Bad luck

So yesterday

let me start with.
hmph, okay. usually when i go club is either my bro/sis bring me out or i sneak
but whenever i sneak ill still let my eldest brother know about it. where i go, with who and etc...

he will always nag me abit but he will still let me go
i didt go out like everyday or night
He kept the secret too.
cause if my parents know about it. confirm

YAY, tats my very PROTECTIVE parents!
you can see, i hardly go out, tats why i choose to sneak rather than i tell them AND another thing with CURFEW somemore!
pontong stim most of the time
so yeap ill always sneak on thurs for maison
but unfortunately yesterday went i came home around 3 ish
when i wanted to open my front gate
i saw someone staring at me from upstairs, and well for your info my parents room its just facing right infront the gate.

at that time, kantoi
i know it was my dad, but i really dont know what to do
just calm and go in

what am i suppose to do? OMG

my dad came down
i guess you guys know what happen!
no need to be so detailed, you guys are smart!

what you expect me to do during my holls?
Ps:/ Ana darling, probally i cant go for your party.
Anyway, Happy Birthday in advance to you first, and help me to wish jaz as well.
will try to come if i can aight!

1 comment:

BabyAna said...

hey babe its alrite yea..totally understandd. Will send ur wishes to jaz too alritey..
Take care..
Next time okies ;)