Monday, March 3, 2008


To all spm-ians, result is coming on March 12. ;/
just got the information from TV3.
reach your school at 10am!

eeee, nervous!
yeahla no longer for me but for you guys!
Good luck ya'll ;D


Cousin's wedding dinner- 29/02/2008

i dont know why on that day lorh, they can only celebrate their anniversary four years once!
like W T H.
i dont like it, my wedding cannot be on Feb 29th!
hell nooo.

anyho, ill lets pictures do most of the talking, moi lazy

The next morning, off to the bride's hse for the yumcha sessions

Dearest daddy and I <3

ATTENTION: i just wonder... what are they doing?!?
hmph, what style is this? WTF.


is another way round la, yorrr.
WTF ;p

xoxo, nights!

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