Monday, December 31, 2007


Currently listening to 周杰伦- 彩虹(rainbow)

im enjoying my life, how bout you?

well just a short post

you know why?
photobucket its being a bitch now, take ages to load my pics up!


anyho, just to say im back from my hometown and hi readers ;D

whats ya plan for tonight?
im still thinking where to go, prolly boo's place?
not town, its gonna be damn pack! urgh.
i want liquor so badly, put me to k.o if i got the chance to go!


Happy New Year in advance!
the brand new year and also the brand new me!
so gonna dye my hair. (random)

oh ya, im so not ready for my result.


stay tuned for aussie part 2 and the pics!

sleept tight and sweet dreams! xx (:

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